Everything Healthy Begins Within ~BM

Have you felt depressed beyond hope? Sometimes the entire being is sucked out with negative thoughts. After a good spot of self-inflicting pain, there is suddenly a tiny ray which says, “I’ve had enough.” You go either all out to pull out the plug, or you just pull yourself out from this situation, and things start turning up. Difficult, but possible.

Everything Healthy Begins within.

  1. Have an outlet: Write, Meditate, or go for a walk. Some activity, a positive outlet definitely helps.
  2. Ask for help: The first thing is to accept that there is a depression streak, so ask for help. Call up a friend, meet up folks. Socialising helps.
  3. Detach: Detach from negative habits and traits. If being on social media is not helping, stay away.
  4. Indulge in creating value: Time spent whiling away, is a waste. Try slowly to invest the same time into creating value. Read, Learn, Make a friend, Cook, and the list goes one.
  5. STOP self-inflicting actions: Actions in moments of anger can never bring any good, so say the wise, and it is definitely true. So, best to defer actions when you are angry, don’t say something hurtful, don’t do anything hurtful. Stay calm, plug off for a few days, return back to some state where you can make more rationale decisions, then act (positively)

So, next time you feel trapped, or feel helpless. Struggle all you can, run hard, very hard away from your own negative self-inflicting damages. Learn to create value, difficult, but possible, and yes Very Healthy.



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