There is no right or wrong ~BM

There is no right or wrong, no stark black or white, just change your lens and see the world, there are only events and emotions. ~Baishali


Happiness by Hermann Hesse (Excerpt)

If luck you chase, you have not grown
enough for happiness to stay,
not even if you get your way.

If, what you lost, you still bemoan,
and grasp at tasks, and dash and dart,
you have not known true peace of heart.

But if no wishes are your own,
and you don’t try to win the game,
and Lady Luck is just a name,

then tides of life won’t reach your breast
and all your strife
and all your soul will rest.


Masks for sale,

There is a happy face,

A sad one too,

Etched with deep emotions,

Some just for you,

If only you choose to buy,

Some deep emotions,

Wear on the masks,

Choose to be someone else,

Feel some other emotion,

Just for a while…till your very own emotions…

Fade away forever!!

Towards Dawn…

Sometimes it is the music,

Sometimes it is me,

If you ever wish to live life,

Live it just free,

Free of fear to live,

Free of living with a mask on,

Free of everything that,

…is simply not me,

Here’s to being me,

Here’s towards a new dawn !!